Canada's killer whales need a clean, quiet ocean full of fish
Using science to protect killer whale habitat

One of Canada's iconic species, the southern resident killer whale that lives off Vancouver, Victoria, and Seattle, is critically endangered. It now numbers 76 individuals. The whales are not getting enough of their favourite food, Chinook salmon. Too much ocean noise from ships and boats is making it hard for the whales to find the salmon that are left. And when the whales go hungry, they start living off their blubber, which is where their bodies store toxic chemicals including PCBs.

Canada has shown a remarkable commitment to saving these iconic whales. With your help, we're contributing important science to inform short- and longer-term actions that will do the whales the most good. 

Today, our team is bringing science to an urgent meeting of scientists, industry stakeholders, and Canadian and US government agencies to identify smart solutions agencies could act on immediately. We needed to be at this meeting to present the work we've been doing for more than a decade. We could not have made it without you. Your generous donations of Aeroplan miles allowed us to book the flight, pay for the hotel, and offset our carbon footprint for the travel. We have a feeling that some good news will come out of this meeting. The dedication and commitment of all players is amazing to see. 

Thank you for helping us deliver our science to the decision-makers.

Posted by: Oceans Initiative on November 16, 2017.
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