MusiCounts uses Aeroplan Miles to reach more children across Canada and ensure they have access to music in their school or community. Make your miles matter - November 20-26 turn your miles into music! Any Aeroplan Miles donation made this week will be matched by Aeroplan up to 500,000 points.    

How MusiCounts Uses Aeroplan Miles

In 2016-2017 we used our Aeroplan Miles in a variety of ways to help us put instruments into the hands of kids who need them most.  

  1. We visited communities across Canada including Vancouver, Saskatoon and Ottawa to surprise school music programs with thousands of dollars worth of instruments.
  2. We flew 12 Fred Sherratt Scholarship Award winners from all across Canada to Toronto to participate in two days of music industry networking, tours and mentorship. This opportunity supports the next generation of musicians and music industry leaders.
  3. MusiCounts is fortunate to work with many amazing Canadian artists and musicians, and we used our miles to create opportunities for artists to collaborate with community and school music programs in need.
  4. We used miles to fundraise at events across Canada, so that MusiCounts can put more instruments into the hands of kids across Canada.
  5. We used miles to connect with music educators to make sure they know the ways MusiCounts can support their programs

 Your donations of miles will help us continue to use the miles in 2018 and beyond.    

About MusiCounts

MusiCounts is the music education charity associated with the JUNO Awards, and celebrates musical excellence and puts instruments into the hands of kids who need them most. MusiCounts’ mission is to ensure that all children have access to music in their school or community. MusiCounts achieves its mission through programs including the MusiCounts Band Aid Program, The MusiCounts TD Community Music Program, MusiCounts Teacher of the Year Award, Scholarship Program and other music education initiatives. Since 1997 MusiCounts has awarded over $10,000,000 in support of music education in Canada. These funds have benefitted over 950 schools and communities, supported over 350 post-secondary music program graduates, and honoured 12 extraordinary music teachers and one MusiCounts ambassador.    

Why Music Education Matters

It's proven that music education makes students smarter and helps develop positive self-esteem and communication skills. Music also has a strong emotional impact on youth - music gives kids a way to sort out their emotions and express their feelings. Music can be transformational to a school or community and the instruments they receive via MusiCounts can last for generations.    

Unfortunately, music education in Canada is endangered, and children are missing out on the value of learning and creating music. As part of the application process for its grant programs, MusiCounts asks schools and communities to provide a current inventory of musical instruments or equipment. Often these inventories show instruments in unplayable condition, and some programs don't have any instruments at all. MusiCounts is working to ensure children across Canada have access to music in their school or community by supplying programs with instruments and equipment.  


Posted by: MusiCounts on November 20, 2017.
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