Your Aeroplan Miles Donations Are Making A Difference ...
Aeroplan Miles have proven crucial to help us implement our mission

An update for all that have donated their Aeroplan Miles to Feeding Nunavut. Your Aeroplan Miles have proven crucial to help us implement our mission. During the last year we have used your donated miles for the following:

  • Travel to execute Hunter Support Program. This program provided local hunters and fishers with much needed supplies and access to harvesting equipment to help reduce the hardship of providing local country food for the community.
  • Travel to administer Emergency Food Voucher Program. This program provides access to emergency and immediate assistance for those identified to be in high-need situations. These vouchers are usually used to provide immediate food, diapers, baby formula or iron rich foods for children diagnosed with TB. We have also provided fuel for an Elder who found themselves in a no-heat situation last winter.
  • Provided travel for a young, homeless mother and baby to return to their home community.

"Feeding Nunavut has filled a much needed void and has supported our ability as Family Services to assist families who would not otherwise have the means to provide healthy foods to their families". - LaToya Morgan, Community Social Services Worker, Department of Family Services, Government of Nunavut

We couldn't have done it without you!

With Sincere Gratitude,


Taye Newman

Executive Director, Feeding Nunavut

Posted by: Feeding Nunavut on September 13, 2017.
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