Bringing African Grandmothers’ Voices to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva
Aeroplan Miles and International Advocacy for Older Women

When Idah Mukuka Nambeya, Senior Advisor to the SLF’s Grandmothers Campaign, was invited to speak at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva (June 2019), she travelled using Aeroplan points. Idah brought African grandmothers’ voices and experiences to the international stage. Advocating for the economic empowerment of older women in sub-Saharan Africa – including grandmothers raising children orphaned by AIDS – Idah also raised awareness about how African grandmothers are mobilizing to claim their human rights and of the importance of international solidarity. You can watch the full panel discussion and hear Idah speak here:

Posted by: The Stephen Lewis Foundation on January 20, 2020.
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