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"I would like to take a moment to impart the importance of groups like CAAT.   Spending 10 years back home in a small isolated town found me struggling through frustration and heartbreak doing everything possible to save countless animals from abandonment, neglect, homelessness, sickness, injuries and over breeding.    The nearest vets are a 6 hour drive away, weather permitting,  and many pet owners are unable to afford not only vet/med costs (an initial appointment cost of $60 is the start), but also gas, food and accommodations that are part and parcel to bringing an animal out.


Hearing about the Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT) and then actually having them COME this past year was an answered prayer!   Not only in the cut back numbers of puppies and kittens, but the awareness it raised!!!  By this time, every previous year, I had taken approximately 60-80 pups out of here just since September.   This has been cut back by at least 60%!!!


Kitten numbers are a little higher, as cats seem to be determined to take over the world, and I hope to get a good grip on that this next time around.    Having had CAAT here, not only raised awareness in the young, but in teens,  adults and the elderly.  Most have come to see the pet population and health through different eyes, thanks to CAAT.   The gratitude of the community continues on a daily basis.    Having had the opportunity to not only bring pets to be "fixed", but to be able to witness the many steps involved,  and be encouraged to remain through recovery, brought so many closer to their furry family members.  


The friendly patience of the CAAT team was also a breath of fresh air, and is remembered daily. Each team member had an impact on our small town, with the pets and their owners alike.   I will be forever grateful for the opportunity given, I cried when the team arrived, I cried again when the last plane disappeared over the mountains.


With the weather so cold, and snow on the ground,  I still have some dogs come to eat, and my stray cats I feed, but the females aren't  all pregnant with ribs showing.   I am not seeing so many stray cats along the highway, or being picked up by eagles etc.     


CAAT has made a positive, life changing impact here, for the people as well as the animals. I shall be forever grateful to have met and worked alongside such a beautiful group of people. 

It has given me hope..."


Much love and gratitude, Rita Svisdahl, Nuxalk Band Council Member


CAAT would never have been able to get our team to Bella Coola without the help of our Aeroplan donations!    We wanted to share this success with our Aeroplan donors and let you know that your donations make a difference!


Posted by: Canadian Animal Assistance Team on December 29, 2020.
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