Thanks to Your Aeroplan Miles, Ray Now Knows His Family Will Be Stronger
Ray experienced his time at VTN as a season of necessary healing.

For 24 years, Ray served his country with honour. After several deployments and recognition as a distinguished combat engineer, it was time for Ray to fill a position at the Canadian Maneuver Training Center (CMTC), the last stop for soldiers on their way to the middle east. It was while training other men for battle that Ray began to fight an internal war of his own.   

Ray brought dedication to excellence with him to CMTC. As he trained the soldiers, however, his attitude tread the line between righteous indignation and unmitigated rage. At home, triggers began to set him off. It turned out Ray's struggles had been riding beneath the surface for much longer than he was willing to admit and he began to lose control. The VTN was about to change things for him.   

At the Veterans Transition Program, for the first time in as long as Ray could remember, he felt as though he could relax. He was immediately put at ease by the peaceful environment he found himself in. Finally, he had a safe place to work through some of the issues that had been plaguing him.   

Now, Ray is ready to open up to his family about his struggles and knows they will be stronger because of it.  


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Posted by: Veterans Transition Network on September 20, 2017.
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