Your Aeroplan Miles Make a Difference For Vets Like Iska S.
It’s time to stop sucking it up. It’s time to be heard…

Iska S. joined the military wanting to feel like she was part of something bigger than herself, and the Reserves gave her the opportunity to do just that. After training in Gagetown, Iska felt empowered, strong, and confident. Sadly, Iska would learn that not every course or unit would offer an experience as positive as her time at Gagetown had been.  

Iska returned from Gagetown to her unit in BC. A theme of being disrespected and the subject to varying degrees of harassment began to emerge in her career. The few times she tried to speak up, she was tamped right back down.  

“It’s better not to speak out… to just sort of go with it. Oh yeah, you know, I’ll just toughen up, and I’ll deal with this. It’s all okay.”  

The empowerment and confidence Iska had experienced in Gagetown seemed so far away. Until she heard about the Veterans Transition Program (VTP).   

At the VTP, Iska found a group free of comparison and judgment that understood her and had her back. With the help of the VTP, she was able to reclaim the voice that she had been conditioned to keep to herself. Now, she feels it is time to be heard.  


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Posted by: Veterans Transition Network on September 15, 2017.
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