Thanks to Your Aeroplan Miles, Brian M. Found Meaning Helping Fellow Veterans
I’ve been through [the program] and I can see what it can do.

After multiple tours and responding to the scene of a suicide bomber, Brian returned home from Afghanistan. During his first month back, he didn’t sleep. His thoughts became clouded with memories of Afghanistan. He began seeking adrenaline by driving fast in his car as a way to focus on what was happening around him. The day Brian looked up to see his two kids looking back at him was the day he realized something wasn’t right.  

And so he started meeting with a group of Veterans who convinced him to take the Veterans Transition Program (VTP).  

By taking the Veterans Transition Program, Brian was able to identify what moments had been haunting him the most and work through them. He says he would not have been able to move forward without the VTP.  

Now the Veterans Transition Network is how Brian connects with and helps soldiers and veterans. By returning regularly to the program as a paraprofessional, Brian is able to give back to Veterans who are in the same position that he once was in.


Read #VTP grad Brian M.'s full story here.    


Thank you for your continued support! Thanks to you, Veterans like Brian M. are able to make their future lives better.

Posted by: Veterans Transition Network on August 31, 2017.
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