Lives saved in two rescues as boating season begins
Support through Aeroplan helps keeps marine rescue volunteers ready

Two weekend rescues highlight the value of your support through Aeroplan.  RCMSAR volunteers saved three lives after a boat overturned and sank near Victoria.  Our rescue crew spotted one man in the water clinging to a gas can.  He pointed out his companions who were treading water and drifting away.  All three were brought on board and transferred to ambulance personnel for treatment of hypothermia.  The following day, another RCMSAR crew responded to a pleasure craft that hit a deadhead and was taking on water.  There were seven people on board.  Luckily none were injured.  Both incidents highlight the vital service provided by RCMSAR.  Your Aeroplan Miles donation helps keep us ready to respond to emergencies such as these. 

Posted by: Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue on June 7, 2017.
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