Over 100 dogs helped in Nunavut Veterinary technician uses Aeroplan points to fly North
I am so grateful to be able to travel to Igloolik and help animals

Submitted by Evonne, a volunteer veterinary technician with VWB/VSF.

Being invited to join Veterinarians Without Borders in Igloolik, Nunavut, as part of their Northern Animal Health Initiative, was an amazing opportunity. It allowed me to be part of a program that provided veterinary care to a community that had been underserved for many years. For five days, we held a clinic in Igloolik and, throughout the course of that clinic, we saw over one hundred dogs. We performed spays and neuters, provided general health checks up, and administered vaccinations. The most memorable part of my experience in Igloolik was vaccinating dog sledge teams. This was a unique experience for me, as we were working outside and had to work quickly to ensure the vaccines did not freeze. This required a lot of coordination between the owner, the veterinarian, and myself to ensure we could vaccinate all dogs quickly and safely. It was so rewarding to work with the owners of these dog sled teams, and see how they wanted the best for their dogs and how excited they were to be able to talk to the veterinarian. The respect these owners have for their dogs and the opportunity to partner with them was such a rewarding experience. I will forever be grateful for being able to travel to this community and the people who donated their Aeroplan points, which made it possible for me, personally, to be part of this collaboration. It was amazing to be invited into this community and I hope this partnership can continue for many years to come.  

Posted by: Veterinarians Without Borders on March 29, 2023.
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