Two communities in one trip!!
Two communities in ONE trip!

Our volunteer veterinary team headed north of Vancouver Island to the remote island communities of Bella Bella and Klemtu, BC.     One of our biggest expenses in providing veterinary services to remote communities is the airfare.    Getting our team to where they are needed most.   Thanks to our generous Aeroplan donors, we are able to get to our destinations through points, saving us a lot of money that can go to medical and surgical supplies.   

First we were in Bella Bella, a beautiful community that reached out for access to veterinary services that were very much needed but difficult to access (financially AND geographically).   We had great kids who stayed with their dogs through surgery and in recovery, giving them love and familiarity as they woke up.   We had many cats and dogs come through the doors of our temporary clinic, seeing 140 patients in 3 days!

We said goodbye to Bella Bella and headed to Klemtu, about 3 hours away by water taxi. We were greeted with enthusiasm and quickly got our temporary hospital set up again.   There was a steady stream of guardians wanting care for their pets and we saw every animal that came in, we were BUSY!   

Thank you again to the wonderful communities that hosted us, and to our Aeroplan donors for being so generous and making sure we get where we need to be!




Posted by: Canadian Animal Assistance Team on May 11, 2023.
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