Celebrating African Expertise
African leaders are sharing their expertise, thanks to Aeroplan Miles!

The Stephen Lewis Foundation launched its groundbreaking speaker series, the Ask Her Talks, with crucial support from Aeroplan’s member donations program. Thus far, this innovative initiative has brought ten knowledgeable, dynamic, and informed African women experts to Canada to tour major cities and speak out on philanthropy, change and power. 

There are remarkable leaders in Africa at the community level. Women are at the heart of the response to AIDS, are overwhelmingly the frontline health care workers, are tackling the epidemic of sexual violence—and yet we rarely, if ever, hear from them. African women are leading the way, and are experts on what works, what kind of support is most effective, and what challenges need to be met. The Ask Her Talks bring their expertise to the fore.

Ask Her Talks speakers are engaged in courageous and sophisticated work that is transforming the African continent. Their models of change are hard won, tested by urgent realities, and developed despite the many failures of governments and the international community. Your donated Aeroplan Miles make it possible for these leaders to share their expertise and insight with international audiences. 

Click here to watch videos of the Ask Her Talks

Posted by: The Stephen Lewis Foundation on January 7, 2016.
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