What next?

Latitude is excited to be launching a number of new projects in the coming months! Here's a quick peek...


Light + Learning :  A program launched with US-based partner LuminAID, Light and Learning brings solar-powered inflatable lights + age-appropriate books to schoolkids living in communities without electricity. This program is a continuation of Latitude's commitment to raising literacy rates in rural Nicaragua. 

Rural Health : The communities spoke + we listened. After spending time in different beneficiary communities, the villagers had reached a consensus. The primary concern was healthcare - or the lack thereof. None of the communities are within 40 km of accessible healthcare and follow-up treatment is often an impossibility. Latitude is implementing a sustainable healthcare program where we will be working with local doctors to provide care to 6 different communities. The focus of this program is on disease treatment + prevention. 

See the Sea : This is one of the most popular of Latitude's programs. Launched to celebrate the wonder of being a child, of letting go + enjoying a day of play, See the Sea brings kids from rural communities out to the ocean - often their first time seeing the sea. 

Latitude operates a 100% model - meaning 100% of public donations go directly into on-the-ground costs. Our team works hard to fund the overhead costs, paying for their own accommodation, flights, and other expenses in order to make these projects a reality. To help bring costs down, we rely on our generous Aeroplan sponsors. Thanks for your support!

Posted by: The Latitude Project on October 21, 2015.
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