Together we have made a 100 flights happen!
A Major Milestone!

We have just hit a major milestone.  100 flights!  100 flights…. What an incredible moment…. Think of the impact you have all made. 

Just think about a 100 flights.  People distressed and worried.  People unable to get to their loved ones, people who went from moments of despair and anxiety to moments of love and support.  You have done all of it out of the goodness and compassion of your hearts.  How many sleepless nights have you removed?  How many last fond memories have you given that will allow healing and people to move forward?  How many times has a loved one who was alone and afraid been comforted by the love that may have not been there but for the work and effort you have put in to make a flight happen.  How to put it in to words ….. a hand reaching out to hold that of a loved one whose is dealing with something so overwhelming….  

A huge milestone, and we are far from done.  Thank you for your commitment to people in need, thank you for the commitment to the vision of what Give A Mile wants to make happen…. Now on to the 200th

Posted by: Give A Mile on May 15, 2015.
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