Always Learning - War Child Field Staff Gather in Uganda for Capacity Building
Bringing together front-line workers, to better support children.

Thanks to Aeroplan’s support, War Child recently completed the second annual capacity building summit in Kampala, Uganda. The gathering – made possible by the Beyond Miles program – is a chance for War Child’s international field staff to meet and sharpen their skills in the areas of financial management, team building, and child protection.

Many of War Child’s staff work in the countries where they were born. This year we were able to bring participants from Afghanistan, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Being able to step out of that context for a brief period to learn, and to meet their counterparts in other countries is extremely valuable to us. It sends the team back to the field energized, and more capable than before.

The partnership with Aeroplan to support our field staff doesn’t end with this summit though. It extends year-round. All of our international field staff at any level can apply for a grant of miles to travel for additional training. For example, a Child Protection Officer in South Sudan might travel to Afghanistan to learn from their counterpart, or a Finance Officer might travel to the War Child headquarters in Toronto for training on new accounting practices.

Thank you to Aeroplan Beyond Miles, and all the generous Canadians that support us by donating Aeroplan Miles. 

Posted by: War Child Canada on September 25, 2014.
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