Reuniting Mom and Daughters for a Final Goodbye
“My sister is my only sibling…she is my best friend."

After being urgently admitted to hospital, Christine was diagnosed as being in the late stages of cancer with only a short time left to live.  Her sister Jennifer and her mum wanted to be by her bedside to see her before she died.

Jennifer contacted Give a Mile to ask if we could help bring her and their mother to be reunited with Christine. She said  “My sister is my only sibling…she is my best friend. I need to see her before she goes onto another life. I am still completing shocked. I feel so heartbroken and frustrated, because I don’t have the money to go see her and would appreciate any help you can provide to getting us to Christine before it’s too late.  I plead for anyone’s help.  I can’t stand the fact that she’s alone. God bless and thank you in advance”

Thanks to our donors, Give a Mile approved two flights to bring the family to Christine’s bedside to be by her side and say goodbye. 

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Posted by: Give A Mile on November 8, 2022.
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