Woman Returns to Sudan to die in her homeland
Calgary to Juba, Sudan

In 2000, Deborah escaped the war in South Sudan with her daughter.  Together, they lived in a refugee camp for ten years before being sponsored by a Calgary-based church to immigrate to Canada.  

In 2020, Deborah battled ovarian cancer, then breast cancer, and now sadly, the cancer has spread and she’s been given six weeks to live. Faced with the end of her life approaching quickly, Deborah would like to return to South Sudan in time to connect with her other children as well as 24 grandchildren and great grandchildren, many of whom she’d never met in person.

She’s also worried about the financial burden of a funeral on her daughter in Canada. Deborah’s daughter will travel with her mother to Sudan and return to Canada after saying goodbye one last time. 

Give A Mile wants to give Deborah and her family the ending they need.  

Are you able to help sponsor Deborah’s flight of compassion?  Please donate your Aeroplan points here.

Posted by: Give A Mile on May 6, 2022.
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