Congo Refugee Reunited With His Sons After Many Years

Mr. Seme has been separated from his family for many years. His story is being retold by Aurore at Convivial:

"I am super excited to share with Miles 4 Migrants my most encouraging arrival. I have never been so proud and happy to see people united. Mr Seme has been separated from his family for more than 5 years. Though he is a strong christian and a believer, 3 years ago when his file was ready to put at the embassy it was rejected because of two days delay on the agreement the refugees have with the Belgian government, he was devastated. He withdrew from the whole procedure and got discouraged. I gave him time to think and gather the documents he now had to add to his file. I also encouraged him to see a lawyer to be able to get a stronger case.

He started slowly by slowly "with prayer " as he says things started to open up again. He said 'I have six children but I don't have much money left I am going to start with four I have all the required documents. My wife, my oldest child and the youngest will have to wait for me to get more money and a good job.'

To cut the story short, with  great collaboration with the foreign affairs, Laurent's Children are now here. I am super excited as if these were my own. Laurent says he has no idea how to thank Miles 4Migrant or Convivial and all the people who got involved to make this miracle happen. I kept receiving "blessing" messages from him as I informed him of the advancement of his travel request with M4M. Everyone was cooperative and supportive during the whole process and it is a great pleasure for me as a social worker to collaborate with you.I write in my own name because though the donee is lost for words and is praying loud and asking for blessings for you I promised him to share all about his story and what he went through to be reunited with his sons. He still has a long way to go for his other children and his wife but Miles put the first stone he is eager to put the next.Thanks Dan and Arthur who are amazing collaborators. Always calm , friendly and ready to answer our questions. Best regards, Aurore"

Posted by: Miles4Migrants on April 25, 2021.
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