Give A Mile assists Canadians with flights of mercy during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Give A Mile is helping families during this difficult time

Give A Mile is assisting  with flights during COVID-19 pandemic.  We are giving flights to key family members to provide care and to be with loved ones.  This is for their loved one to support them during their palliative or critical illness. We will continue to give flights to families in accordance with any travel restrictions and the advice of the medical professionals supporting each family situation. We are following closely all provincial guidelines and will work with each medical department to ensure we are aligned with your guidelines and rules.Examples of flights given during the pandemic include:

  1. Father recently laid off due to the pandemic needed a flight to be with son who was receiving lifesaving stem cell transplant at Children's hospital – Edmonton to Toronto  
  2. For a mom who is the sole care provider for her son who has brain cancer and is in the hospice.  A chance for a final goodbye and to look after him – Calgary to Ottawa
Posted by: Give A Mile on April 21, 2020.
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