2017 Annual Report
Impact Report - you're making a real difference

The 2017 Impact Report looks at the impact we had together in 2017: where we worked, the challenges we faced, and the lifesaving differences you helped us make in the lives of people made vulnerable by conflict, disease, exclusion and disaster. As we look ahead, we know that many of the emergencies we respond to are ongoing, and that new crises have yet to emerge. The needs remain great in the nearly 70 countries where MSF works around the world — and in the 33 places where Canadian funds directly contributed to MSF’s interventions last year. But we know that, together with you, we will continue to provide essential care to those who need it most, and in so doing will bring hope to people who might otherwise have none. 

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Posted by: Doctors Without Borders on September 13, 2018.
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