Fighting Hunger in South Sudan
Increasing food production under difficult circumstances

In July, 2021 as it marks its 10th anniversary as an independent nation, South Sudan is also facing the most serious hunger crisis in its short, turbulent history with 7.2 million people, including millions of children facing famine or already experiencing it. 

Since 2013, VWB/VSF has worked to reduce hunger in South Sudan, first with an emergency program for refugee herders, and more recently helping small farmers and herders to produce more and better food. That involves caring for livestock, the most important assets that rural people own, as well as helping to grow more food by distributing seeds and providing training, and by teaching people how to use animals -- donkeys and cattle -- to pull plows. 

Working in South Sudan is difficult. The  country has a long history of violence and conflict. In the communities where it works, VWB/VSF has created peace-building committees -- an important way to ensure that the progress people make will last. 

Posted by: Veterinarians Without Borders on September 27, 2017.
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