Supporting Animal Health in Canada's North

For more than a decade VWB/VSF has supported other organizations, including Canadian veterinary schools, in their efforts to provide care in remote, under-served communities in the Canadian North. Without access to spay and neuter services, dog populations can spiral out of control, and without vaccinations and basic veterinary care, the lifespan of dogs in remote communities is a very short -- often under 2 years. One way that VWB/VSF has helped is by sharing Aeroplan Miles so that volunteers can get to the communities where they are need.

In early 2017 VWB/VSF launched an expanded initiative in the north. Not only has it continued to support the efforts of the veterinary schools, but it has also organized its own temporary vet clinics in remote communities. As an organization with a national mandate, VWB/VSF has also taken on the task of tracking all of the organizations involved in volunteer veterinary work in the north, and will develop a statistical data base tracking animal health in the north. It will also engage with communities, and governments at all levels, to ensure that there is effective veterinary policy in place.

Canada's North is an expensive place to travel to. The generosity of Aeroplan and Aeroplan members allows VWB/VSF, its partners, and community members, to move forward improving the health of animals, and people, in the North.


Posted by: Veterinarians Without Borders on September 27, 2017.
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